Anthony Williams

A singer-songwriter and voice of the new millennium with a sound of his own, Anthony Williams stands poised to be the new generations Donnie Hathaway and David Ruffin.  Williams has always had two professional goals that he now is uniquely prepared to challenge; Basketball, (he was a star forward at Florida A & M university and was scouted by several pro-teams) and music.

After much sole searching, and with the support of his family, Williams decided to pursue a music career and make this his life’s work.

Anthony’s Career Highlights include:
-Toured United States and Europe with Pattie LaBelle as a featured background vocalist.
-He has opened National Tours for Lou Rawls and Al Jarrau.
-National Key Television appearances:
Tonight Show with Jay Leno
The Oprah Winfrey Show
-Five time winner on Showtime at the Apollo